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couple of tunes to tide until spring


released January 16, 2017

all songs written & performed by annie umbanhowar and asher white, except track 3 by annie umbanhowar and track 8 by asher white

all words by annie
most music by asher

recorded by asher in basement nov 2016 - jan 2017, except for track 3 recorded by annie in bed



all rights reserved


Mr. Brown Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: central
bile rising
as patience wanes in the chill at the purple line station
that evening the veil was getting thin
standing in denim deformed and dejected
framed by a recent full loss of perspective
that night when the cold front would roar its way in

still why should i carry that dead weight?
just makes it easier to stay in one place
why is that memory my cross to bear
when i know for a fact i'm going somewhere
Track Name: postcard (as promised)
even in new jersey
everything reminds me of em
is it just camaraderie when i tell them that i love em
had a dream about my friend
i dreamed that they were very close

even when i know it's wrong
i'll beat a dead horse till i'm bored
i will follow what feels good till it gets old of its own accord
had a dream that i was wrong
i woke with an ache in my chest

i miss you, i miss you
more than anything
right now i can't get this off of my mind
could you ever do you ever?
think that way of me?
i don't think so, i don't hope so but maybe
Track Name: short walk
go all the way in the snow along ridge
with no concept of what you are walking for
i stand up straight watch the dark water pour
through the stone slats in the harbor bridge

turn on the oven to keep the house warm
her hands white with flour a light in the storm
and up on the rooftops like sugar and milk
stare at the pane, watch it settle like silt

no small wonder i am dogged by unreality
snowglobe town & in the summer simulated grassy green
no small wonder i can't get my feet to stand still on the ground
snowglobe town made still with money, unattached from what surrounds
Track Name: grasshoppers
grasshoppers, how do they— weather the winter
until the new year?
mosquitos, how do they— go through the snowfall and reappear?
all of the plants i put in the ground this summer
are turning brown
how do i follow those little trees
if i can't burrow & i can't freeze

compassion means this to me:
slip a paper underneath the glass and release me
Track Name: blister
i saw a woman afflicted
swaddled in the marks of woman
coat on coat on pink coat
& 2 long scarves on her thin legs
i get dressed up like a woman
red on red on my soft body
& go into the street shivering underneath it
under the yews by the hospital
the crowds inside nurse their cigarettes
rest on the curb
ears blocked off, buttoned up, undisturbed
i could get dressed up just like that
in pale blues and stale patience
ask me if i'm your woman
ask me for a minute of my time
Track Name: untitled
to see
stripes & shapes emerging from the green & white tiling the bathroom
to lie down
feel the cool ceramic burning
the sickness way more complicated than the things that i consumed
i kicked myself remembering just one blue mug of broth & more than one small square of chocolate
i want to cough it up & empty out my mind
but find it’s completely correlated
when the sense of nausea faded
i was fine
i see
from this vantage point
a long obsessive mood
two cups of tea forgotten
and a child refusing food it all sprawls out
i swallow back my words a second time ignoring physical remembrance
i am fine